Zhu Zhu Pet Toys - Are They Worth All The Fuss?

- Jun 11, 2018 -

The other night I was sitting at my desk and had my computer on and began to watch some of the videos about the new toy hamsters that all the kids want this season. The Zhu Zhu Pets as they are called have really become the hot item this holiday season.

The stores are really having a difficult time keeping them in stock. When customers find out that a certain local store is going to get a shipment in they gather in huge crowds all just waiting for the doors of the retailer to open so they can get a chance to purchase the coveted item before anyone else does.

Personally I think they are all crazy waiting outside in huge crowds just to get something that everyone is going to have in just a few months anyway. However these toys may become collectors items so if you can get your hands on a few extra it might not be a bad idea to keep them in their original packages. In other words don't open the item, leave it in it's box. That is pretty much how collectors of such items will want them.

And who knows for sure, the value of them may increase to a few hundred dollars depending on which item the collectors deem to be more valuable. Do you remember the Cabbage Patch dolls and other toys that are today collectors items themselves? These toy hamsters may one day be just like them. Good luck on making a purchase of one or two of these hot toys. Personally, If I were in the market I would purchase online. If you order now there is plenty of time to get your item or items by Christmas.

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