Why You Need Interactive Dog Toys

- May 25, 2018 -

Is the daily walk you take your dog on just not enough to keep him occupied? Is your dog bored with the toys you provide him with? The truth is that all dogs need stimulation; some more than others. Some dogs turn to chewing furniture and destroying shoes if they get overly bored and no owner wants this to happen. So what can you do... you can turn to interactive dog toys to keep your pet entertained when you aren't around!

There are a few reasons why interactive dog toys may be necessary in a household, including:

• Stimulation

Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical stimulation. Remember, physical and mental stimulation are not the same thing! When your dog is mentally stimulated, you will notice that he is more settled, less restless, less hyperactive and less attention seeking. The more you exercise him mentally, the less physical stimulation he will need.

• Prevent or help separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common problem in dogs. It happens if your dog becomes too reliant or dependent on you, resulting in behavior problems when you are away. Interactive dogs toys can help lessen this behavior by keeping his mind occupied.

• Keeps destructive dogs under control

If you have a dog that is constantly destructive, interactive toys may relieve the issue. Toys like this will keep your dog from chewing on furniture, destroying clothes and shoes, etc...

There are several different types of interactive toys. The kind that works best for your pet depends on his personality and the reason for giving him the toys. Here is a list of some common toys that may be good for your dog:

• Food dispensing toys

Pet stores offer a variety of these. Basically, the toy is filled with some type of food or treats for the animal and he has to figure out how to get to it. This could keep him entertained for hours. If you want, you can use these toys instead of dog food bowls!

• Talking toys

Some dogs behave better if they are surrounded by sound. If you don't want to leave your TV or radio on while you are gone, these will work perfect for your pet. Most of them are motion activated. There are even some that you can record your voice into!

• Puzzle toys

If your dog likes to rip up and destroy the toys you give him, then puzzle toys may solve the problem. None of these toys are the same-but an example of one may be a plush toy made of three self-contained pieces that your dog can pull apart without destroying it. It can be simply put back together and give back to your dog for long-lasting fun.

Now that you know about all the perks that come with interactive dog toys, you can decide what kind works best for your pet. Say goodbye to boredom, bad behavior, destroyed furniture and maybe even constant barking! Remember that your dog still needs to be physically stimulated, so keep taking him on daily walks or runs and you will see even more improvement.

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