Vehicle Equipment For Pet Dog Travel

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Most people now have cars. When they go out, they usually drive. Dogs can't be as honest as people. Therefore, the equipment used by these dogs is indispensable.

Dog car equipment 1: pet car mat

Many owners of pets have such annoyance. They travel with their pets on their own during the holidays, but the claws of the pets scratch the leather seat of their car, and even more incompatible dogs can vomit. With a pet car mat, you can solve these problems. Because the pet car mat is made of water-proof coating material, waterproof and non-sticking hair, you don't need to bother the dog motion sickness or mad to get the dirt on the car. The four corners of the car mat have 4 sets of fixed nylon, which can be hung on the front of the car and the top of the two rear seats respectively. The entire back seat is pocketed to form a whole, and you do not need to worry about the dogs falling off or even falling due to sudden braking. hurt.

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