Tough Dog Toys

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Anyone who owns a dog knows how quickly they can go through their toys. Sharp little teeth pierce plastic balls and shred ropes. Finding a tough dog toy that both entertains and survives your puppy is a challenge. If you are tired of picking up scraps of destroyed pet toys from your house and yard, consider these reasons for choosing a tough dog toy for your pooch. Please be aware I have not found a single toy that is completely indestructible. Tough toys like Kongs are difficult to destroy, but some persistent dogs with powerful jaws can shred Kongs. Always supervise your pet's play.


Playing with toys provides an outlet for your pet's energy. With the proper toy, your dog will run, jump, and frolic; working his heart and leg muscles. Exercise is just as necessary for your dog as it is for you. If your dog has limited space to run, a tough pet toy will serve as a channel to direct his more active instincts.


Dogs are social creatures and they love nothing better than spending time with you. Engaging in play with his favorite toy is a great way to interact with your dog. Find toys which allow you to involve yourself in his playtime. Some interactive tough pet toys include balls and flying discs which are constructed of thick rubber.

Dental Health

As your dog chews and bites his toys, he is working plaque and bacteria off of his teeth and gums. He is also producing large amounts of saliva which rinse his teeth of food particles. A tough dog toy will rub against his teeth, acting as an abrasive tool to remove tarter. This will also massage his gums, increasing blood circulation to keep his dental health in top condition. The chewing motion will also work his jaws, strengthening his mouth and teeth.


For every scrap of torn toy you pick up, think of how many scraps made it down your dog's throat and into his stomach. Foreign object ingestion is one of the top conditions dogs are seen for in pet emergency rooms. Often, expensive surgery is required to remove the object. In some serious cases, extreme internal damage or even death can occur from foreign object ingestion. By ensuring your dog only plays with tough dog toys, you are providing a layer of protection for your dog from easily destroying and swallowing toys.

There is a wide variety of pet toys on the market today. Besides choosing a tough dog toy, you should also choose toys which are appropriate for your pet. Consider your dog's size, activity level, and habitat as you choose his toys. A toy which is unsuitable for your dog's needs is a waste of money. If your dog is uninterested in his new toy, you may notice the dust bunnies playing with it more than Fido.

Providing your dog with toys is one element of responsible dog ownership. Ensuring that those toys are tough enough to withstand vigorous play is every dog owner's responsibility. Experiment with different toys until you find the right fit for you. You should find that the right tough dog toy will provide you and your furry friend years of entertainment.

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