Top Tips For Travelling With Your Pet On An Airplane

- May 23, 2018 -

Packing Your Pet's Carry-on Bag

    a sturdy leash and extra collar with I.D. tags for dogs
    his favourite blanket and regular bedding
    the normal food you provide and 2 or 3 large jugs of drinking water from home
    any medicines your pet takes and a first-aid kit
    feces collection bags or litter
    a flashlight for nighttime dog walks in unfamiliar places

Top Air Travel Tips for Flying Pets

    Only put your pet on a non-stop, direct flight, and always avoid busy holidays.
    Take your pet to the vet for a check-up and make sure that her health certificate is not more than 10 days old at the time of departure; be certain you have the required health certificates.
    Allow at least an extra 30 minutes, preferably 2 hours, for check-in.
    Do not attempt to fly a sick, elderly, or pregnant animal, and be aware that airlines can reject transporting a violent dog.
    Do not fly a pet within a month of having had any type of surgery.
    Never use escalators in airports when walking with your dog (toenails and hair can get caught) and never walk your dog off-leash in a strange place.
    Clip your pet's nails and have her groomed; ensure there are no fleas present, and if there are, treat accordingly.
    Never sedate your pets before airline travel; sedation may inhibit their ability to brace themselves to prevent injury.
    Ensure in advance that you have a carrier for your pet that fits the specific airline's requirements for size, weight and structure.
    Be certain that there is accurate and current identification information on your pet (tag or micro-chip) and that his carrier is also labeled correctly.

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