The Secrets You Wish Steve Irwin Had Told You About Pet Cages

- Jul 05, 2018 -

Ok, if Steve Irwin had offered you advice about pets cages, what do you think it would have been? In the first instance, I think he would have told you to consider the specific animal, because they all have different characteristics and they all have different requirements.

Obviously a pets cage needs to fit in your house ok, so that always needs to be a consideration. By the same token though, the animal the pets cage houses also needs to be comfortable as well. Beyond the aspects of comfort, the animal needs to have enough to keep it occupied. Some animals need more stimulus than others, but the critical think hear is understanding. Do some research before you get the pet and find out what it's ideal requirements are, then go from there.

You might have restrictions on room perhaps, but that doesn't mean that you cannot use some imagination to make the pets habitat as interesting as possible. Some animals like to run around a lot, so exercise facilities would be great. Others are just plain inquisitive and like to chew and gnaw, so their requirements would be a little different. Remember that chewing animals sometimes need to be protected from themselves, so make sure that whatever they do chew is safe for them.

You also want to ensure that your pets are prevented from escaping. Fun though it might be for them initially, they are in peril if people do not realise that they are out and about. Sometimes, smaller pets can have more than one in a cage. So how many should you have? It depends on the size of the cage of course, but the answer again is to do some research and find out what the animal's requirements are.

I have heard, for example, that you can access software that tells you how many rats you should house per square foot! I expect that if you looked hard enough, you could find similar assistance for other creatures. Don't forget cleaning either. Pets cages will need rigorous cleaning, so please make sure that the cage you get is up to rough treatment from you as well as the animal in question.

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