Sweet Fashion Outdoor Portable Pet Bag, Ventilated, Bite-resistant And Durable

- Dec 11, 2018 -

Patented export products, colorful candy, classic jeans, fashion leopard print, thick Beige suede winter style, each is a boutique, go out to play with baby to completely liberate hands.

Fashion pet supplies, pet outdoor shoulder backpack, portable breathable, but also portable, high-quality canvas, breathable grid, easy to take pets out.

Pet backpack, outdoor portable travel bag, breathable mesh, refreshing four seasons, fashionable leisure with pets travel easily.

Cat, dog backpack, outgoing portable shoulder bag, good quality, show temperament, a pet, very happy.

Three-dimensional space, all-round breathable, fashionable appearance, portable outdoor, novel personality enlarged size, suitable for about 20 kg of pets, two small dogs and cats outdoors more convenient, durable and strong.

Beautiful pet backpack, portable shoulder bag, with lovely kits, puppies and dogs out to play, can be handheld, can chest back, super beautiful and practical oh.

Portable pet bag, dog backpack, cat bag, sweet fashion, ventilated, bite-resistant, durable, portable.

Pet chest bag, so that dogs no longer run around, whether cycling, play, shopping, can carry pets on his back, so that he obediently do not disturb.

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