Pet Toys: The Simple Ones Can Be The Best Ones

- Jun 19, 2018 -

If you want your pets to be happy, they need toys. A few good toys can help your pets stay entertained during the day. Toys don't necessarily have to be expensive. You probably have a few great play things just lying around already. By giving your pet a few inexpensive toys, you may just help save your couch from being chewed up. Toys are great for pets and their owners alike.

Dogs love to chew on empty water bottles. They love the noise! These can make a great an inexpensive toy for your dog. Be aware that dogs will chew up the caps and will sometimes eat them, so it is wise to remove the cap and the label before giving this bottle to your pet. Always supervise your animals while they play with toys to make sure they are safe. Some companies even make animal covers that you can put a water bottle in. This is a cute way to let your dog enjoy a fun toy.

If you have an old ball of string lying around, it can make a great toy for your bored cat. They especially love it when you play with them. Try teasing them with a string. They love it when you dangle it over their heads or let them chase after it while you run around. Take a few minutes to play with your pets and quickly develop a closer relationship.

Cats and dogs alike enjoy playing with lights and laser pointers. You can watch them chase a flashlight beam or laser light. This is an easy and expensive toy that any type of pet will love. Be sure that you don't shine the light into your animal's eyes, or into the eyes of another person as this can cause eye damage or blindness. If you are careful, flashlights and laser pointers are a great toy for your cat or dog.

Another great way to play with your pet is to spend some time playing catch. Your pet will love spending time with you outdoors. Give a ball a throw and enjoy watching your dog chase it around. Don't think that you need a specific dog ball. Anything you have, including an old tennis balls, will work great. Be careful and choose a ball that is a good size for your dog's mouth and that won't easily pop.

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