Pet Dog Training - Made Easy - Pros & Cons Of A Harness Or Collar

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Dog walking is a great way to get fit and share time with your pet dog, providing it is fun and easy. But, who's walking who? If your dog is walking you, then take action to rectify the situation. It's never too late, no matter what age your dog is, although puppy training is the ideal starting time.

Dog training can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be! You don't have to become a dog obedience expert to train your dog. Most pet owners do not have the time or desire to become dog trainers, nor do they need to have a highly trained pet.

By following a few simple suggestions you can have a happy, well behaved, leash trained dog that can be taken anywhere by anyone.

FIRSTLY; you must be the Pack Leader and set clear expectations in your own mind, and then be consistent. Be fair and realistic in the beginning with what it is you expect, your dog needs to learn. Learning must be a positive building block process.

Now you have the right mindset 90% of your training job is done, the rest is easy, your dog will pick up on the new you and adjust accordingly. Sure, there might be some resistance at first but, providing you stick it out your dog will find comfort in the boundaries you've established - it's like they can read your mind. If you come from a place of passive persistence, with a kind but assertive attitude you'll win the game and their trust.

SECONDLY; you need an effective walking and training device.

No training tool is a solution on its own; without you firstly having the right mindset and the willingness to help your dog to learn, no tool will work.

There is no place for any training device that causes pain or potential damage to your dog, no justification or need, ever, for the use of such tools. I can personally assure you of this, from years of careful observation and experience. Use your good judgment and commonsense when making the choice of a training or walking device, your dog is relying on you.

There are basically two categories of walking - training aids available:-

**Head & Neck Area Products - these include devices such as collars and leads, choker chains, muzzle harness, etc. These devices rely on trying to control the dog by using the sensitive and vulnerable neck area, where vital structures such as the airway and spinal cord are interfered with.

They claim to use the principle of comfort vs discomfort however; there is a fine line here, it is more like the outdated method of 'train by pain'. As with any training tool, used properly by experienced trainers they can be effective however, in my opinion they are definitely not for the average dog owner or child to use, they can and do cause pain and distress. Just look around, you don't have to go far to see gagging dogs at the end of choker chains and leads, dragging their handlers all over the place.

**Body Harness Products - of which there are two main types, a Fixed Position Body Harness or a Slip Action Body Harness.

The least harmful of all the dog walking products is probably the Fixed Position Body Harness however; this style of harness does not provide any real avenue of training or communication. The dog can use his weight, without any discomfort, to pull against you. This style is only suitable for small breeds, quiet, older or trained dogs.

In my opinion, the most effective and kindest of all the training devices we have tested is the other type of body harness; the Slip Action style, which works on the principle of 'give and take', the same as the choker chain but, of course, without the risk of causing damage to sensitive vital structures.

Of the Slip Action style body harnesses there are currently two types I know of, both are good communication and control devices however, one is made using cord, which can be quite severe and cause pain and bruising to soft tissue areas.

The other type of Slip Action harness available is made of soft, flat nylon webbing which doesn't cause pain or damage, no matter how inexperienced the handler is or how much the dog might pull against it - it is safe for the dog in any hands, as well as providing an excellent degree of control for the handler at the same time. It also converts easily, from a Slip Action training and control harness to a Fixed Position body harness, so it is actually a combination of both styles of harness in one.

While doing your research, check out this new two-in-one dog training harness BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW and see what you think, it's a very good place to start.

Lou-ann has dedicated her life to the welfare of animals and is keen to share and exchange ideas and information with dog lovers from around the world.

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