New Pet Toys And Accessories: The Auto Fetch Machine

- Jul 16, 2018 -

As our televisions keep getting bigger, thinner, and clearer and as our cell phones get smarter and smarter, it only makes sense that our pet accessory technology keeps up! It's time to get out of the stone age of pet toys and stop manually playing fetch. The automatic fetch machine is one of the newest and coolest pet toys on the market!

The Good

If it were up to me, I'd play with my dog all day. However, this doesn't pay the bills (and I've looked into it). After a long day of work, sometimes the last thing I want to do is to entertain a wound up dog. I love her energy, but on my schedule. Instead of wishing your dog had a more boring personality, why not just give your dog something fun to do and yourself something fun to watch.

Not only does the automatic fetch machine save you from physically activity when exhausted, but it also gives your dog much needed exercise that he would otherwise not get.

You just load the machine with balls and then turn it on and it will slowly launch a ball, giving your dog time to catch it and bring it back before shooting the next ball. Exceptionally well-trained or smarter dogs can operate this machine on their own, dropping the ball back into the machine and then waiting for it to fire. And after plugging it in, you're done!

The Bad

If your dog is not trained to use the machine all by itself (like some sort of self-sufficient super dog!), then you will have to participate at least a little bit for the machine to work. All the example videos of these machines show well-trained dogs that can work the machine (and probably do simple arithmetic) without any help. The average dog, on the other hand, might not catch on so quick and you may need to fill the machine with a dozen or more balls and then clean them all up at the end.

Also, this is a mechanical machine and it does make a little sound and it might operate as a sort of a mystery for nervous and curious dogs. If your dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner (though this machine is not nearly as loud) it might also be afraid of a device that magically shoots balls.

And finally, you do need a lot of space to operate the machine properly (and safely). Although it might be fun for a small handful of dogs, using the machine in your apartment will turn the game more into dodge ball than fetch.

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