Moving Your Pet Safely

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Moving creates a lot of stress to your pet so making sure that it gets the right treatment can keep it away from any danger and health hazards it can encounter before, on, and after you move.

Here are the things you should do in order to ensure you arrive at your destinations with your pet in perfect condition.

Before you move

Safety begins in planning - So if you are scheduled to move together with your pet, you have to plan carefully and plan early.

Buy or make a pet cage - The very first question you might ask is, "Would I put my pet in a cage or just use a restrainer?" A restrainer is okay, but if you want to make sure that your pet stays in one and secured place, then you should house it on a pet cage. Train your pet to get accustomed with the cage before the day of the move.

Schedule a veterinary visit - Car ride can cause a lot of distress to your pet. So making sure that it is healthy before you go is a must. Have your pet be checked by a veterinarian before you go.

Book a hotel accommodation - If you will travel for long hours by car, have your hotel accommodation ready. There are several hotels that might not allow pets inside so better make sure that you get this information. It is very stressful for a pet to travel for long hours. An overnight rest should break that stress.

Purchase a new pet ID tag - Let your pet wears a new ID tag once you know your new address. Include your new contact number. You can also consider an identification card inserted on your pet's collar different from the traditional dangling tag.

On the moving day

Bring water - Although some pets may drink any water when really thirsty, you still need to bring water that is equivalent to your pet's need. Prepare it on the day you move.

Secure your dog - It is a busy day for sure and you may not take notice of your dog while you arrange everything. To ensure that you find your pet when it is time to go, secure your pet on a place where it cannot escape. It may be inside the cage or inside the bathroom.

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