Most Entertaining Pet Toy

- Jul 04, 2018 -

About four months ago we decided to get ourselves a puppy, we've both had dogs throughout our lives but never one to call our own. The first few months were easy, other than the odd accident with toilet training there was nothing to worry about and we just enjoyed her cuteness. A few months on and she's become a real terror, we take her out for walks often enough to wear us both out but it never seems to even effect our puppy, then one day in the pet store we saw something that's made our lives so much easier.

The Kong, strange the name may seem but its probably the best dog toy we've purchased. This toy keeps our pup occupied for hours and its durable as hell so I'm sure its going to last her a lifetime.

The Kong comes in many shapes and sizes but the one you may have seen the most is the red "stacked doughnut" shaped one. What this toy involves is for you to stuff it with dog treats and then sit back and relax as your dog perceives licking, biting and throwing The Kong toy until the treats are released.

You can either purchase The Kong brand treats that are strange shapes so they get stuck in all the groves of The Kong itself or you can also buy what I can only describe as this "cheeze whizz" can of "Kong Stuffin'" That I haven't tried yet but I assume its going to make a real mess.

If your dog is a bit of a terror and doesn't seem to settle down even after walks or your new pup is a little too dependent on your company then The Kong can give you a couple of hours peace and can also be a great distraction at meal times if your dog tends to beg.

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