Consider Pet Toys And Nutrition!

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Music has that soothing effect appreciated by pets and human pet parents. However, it is not always the complete satisfaction that is needed but just a little recognizable soft noise to comfort.

Along a similar thought process, toys are necessary to entertain pets as well as people. Think of the enjoyment you receive when you interact with your pet. Ask yourself, "Why is the Frisbee so popular for both dogs and people?" A point to consider is this: The hard edge of the Frisbee often hurts a dog's mouth: A solution is to line the inside of the edge with properly glued soft cotton rope large enough to make the edge softer and easier to grab by the dog's mouth.

Cats love anything with feathers, You can easily combine a feather with a bottle cap for weight hung on a short string (Short enough to prevent twisting around a kitten's neck.)

Does the smell of some plastic toy really attract you? Home made pet toys are more attractive to pets because of the smells. Homes have familiar smells to a pet.

Toys as simple as a piece of knotted rope from your garage can give hours of fun for your pet. Socks with a tennis ball inside please even the smallest of pets. Cats are fascinated with toys containing catnip, They also love climbing, peering down and will take a friendly swipe at you from above.

I'm sure you know a dog's vision sees in various shades of grey, not vivid color. Look at your dog food and notice if it is colorful. That is simply to attract you and has no practical value for the pet.

Notice, too that grains are one of the first ingredients listed. Is that the best nutrition for your devoted pet? If you can bypass those foods and provide more balanced nutrition with meat you will be giving your pet a healthier diet. There are many sources of meat product recipes available for home made quality pet foods. Fresh water is always a necessary need. Notice I mentioned "fresh; water gets stale fast in sunlight and fluorides are just as detrimental to animals as humans. Proper water filtering is necessary.

Good health includes parasite control. Parasites are mostly ingested when the pet is roaming around on the grass. Be conscious of this in spring and fall and particularly where other pets roam. Ticks also present problems; always check around ears. One trick to get a tick to back out is to dab vodka on the tick.

Pets are so intuitive that they know your next move even before you do. Pay attention as to how your pets watch you. They also develop ways to have you help them, such as open doors.etc. They can also recognize words that are repeatedly spoken by you and are aware of different tones of voice you use.

The most impressive aspect pets possess is the unconditional love they give you. Don't disappoint them and do return that love to them.

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