Cat Furniture The In's And Outs

- May 24, 2018 -

Cats are notorious for lounging around. They are true connoisseurs of comfort. The more comfy the spot, the better. As the saying goes, "if you want the best seat in the house, move the cat." However, not all cat owners are okay with their feline taking the sofa over. Providing kitty with a cat climbing tower, cat climbing post or cat tunnel can be a great alternative for your furry friend.

Cat condos are manufactured specifically with cats likes and dislikes in mind. In the wild, cats like to perch up high to stalk their prey. It is a natural instinct for a cat to gravitate toward high areas. A cat tower or cat tree provides kitty with multiple perches for the best view in the house. Many cat towers are designed with sisal cat scratching posts, so that cats can relieve their natural urge to scratch. You will find that cats without claws display this behavior as well. If your cat does have claws, sisal cat furniture is great these are great items to stop.

If you do not have the room for a tall cat tree, consider a "one story" cat perch. They are small but still offer two areas for kitty to curl up in. For apartment dwellers, or anyone with a small space, a cat cave is perfect. Some come with a built in toy for Fluffy to bat around. Most are made of plush fabric for maximum comfort.

Another small and easily stored item is a cat tunnel. Again made from enticing plush fabric but with a crackle-noise making material inside for extra enticement. It is a sound cats cannot get enough of!

Leigh Adams is an avid dog and cat owner.  She is a frequent contributor to this Pet Supply Store [].   When not outside with her dogs Mimmi and SoSo, she enjoys spending time with her ragdoll cat and raising Koi fish in her backyard pond.

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