7 Ways To Make Cats Feel Comfortable Using Travel Pet Carrier

- May 23, 2018 -

A travel pet carrier is essential for a pet owner who enjoys bringing along her pet practically everywhere. It is for the safety of both the pet owner and the pet itself. Your pet might not like using it the first time, sometimes you have to woo them to like it. Dogs may have different behaviors than cats the steps below are specifically applied on cats and has not been tried on dogs. If you want to try it with your dogs, feel free to do so:

1. Train your pet first with a harness or leash.

2. Introduce your cat to the carrier and make her accustomed to it. Set it on the floor near your cats bed, put a folded towel or some cushion at the bottom. You can also put her favorite toy inside. At first your cat will ignore it. Keep on touching the carrier and arrange the things inside until kitty gains curiosity on it. When you see her enters the carrier, use your normal praising technique so she knows it was a good job. Repeat this several times so your cat will know that getting inside the carrier is fun.

3. Relocate the training area to your car. Set the carrier inside your car then get your cat from the house. Do not put her inside the carrier first. Allow her at this point to be accustomed in a "carrier in the car" setting. The two of you can play in the car for a while so she'll get the feeling that it is fun to be there. Do this for several times.

4. When you return the carrier back to her bed side, continue showing appreciation and praises whenever you see your cat enters the carrier.

5. After several times of doing the car training, it is time to do the "carrier in the car with the cat" thingy. Continue to do the playtime in the car then put her inside the carrier slowly, praising her as usual. Start the engine. If she gets startled try to talk to her so she will calm down. If she is still uneasy, turn off the engine. If your cat responds positively, turn the engine on and have a short ride with her then go back home.

6. Make the car travel longer as you train your cat and occasionally bring her to the park and play.

7. Always attach her to the harness when she goes inside the carrier, make sure to attach the leach to her harness as a safety precaution before getting out.

Through time you will find your pet getting more and more comfortable in her travel pet carrier which ensures both of you plenty of joyful time together.

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