What is the prospect of investing in pet bags?

- Aug 10, 2018 -

I saw a netizen asking: How do you think about the market of pet bags?

In fact, this question has an ambiguity. There are two broad definitions of pet packs. Pet Sky will do some analysis and introduction to both of these meanings.

The rise of the domestic pet market is obvious to many people. Even if you don't have pets, you should feel the culture of pets around you.

Last week, I met the pet company's second-largest sales staff. Because I had contacted several pet Taobao stores before, I was shocked by their waters. I can't imagine how much the pet industry can do second. I didn’t know what their sales were in 2017, so I asked. The answer is: 500 million! 500 million! 500 million! (I want to say three times if important)

After being shocked, I went to check some information: Wang Sicong opened a shop with the name of the dog, and the income in 2017 was about 30 million. Those who rank higher, it is really hard to imagine.

By the way, I checked the sales of the pet industry, which is about 100 billion yuan every year, and it is continuing to grow. The growth rate of sales in the pet industry is in the top three.

The pet industry has been growing and the future is still unimaginable!

PetYoku has answered so many questions, mainly to say: the pet market is really very good! If you have the money and ability, you can try to talk about it.

Market prospects for pet carriers

Regarding pet packs, PetYoku divides it into two types:

First, ordinary pet travel bag

PetYoku is very optimistic about the market of this pet travel bag. If someone has funds or is willing to cooperate, I would like to talk about it. I personally feel that this market is very good, and the future is bright.

Because more and more people are raising pets, many people are more and more willing to travel with pets. When working in animal hospitals, many visiting guests will buy such pet carriers.

Personally feel that sales will be very promising, that is, you need to brand well and promote. If the questioner wants to invest in this kind of pet carrier, I personally think that I can try it bravely.

Second, the alternative pet carrier on the market

Seeing the pet bag, in fact, the first impression of PetYoku is to think of this pet carrier, because in 2015, I also wrote an article specifically.

PetYoku has often translated foreign news. Some people in foreign countries are optimistic about the pet market. In particular, some women especially like pets and especially like pets. Therefore, some merchants have made some pet carriers.

The starting point is very good, but the result has been resisted by many people, because some bags are made with the cat's body, and some bags look very much like the pet's body, so many people who are impressed by the people are boycotted. Such behavior.

PetYoku believes that:

1. The pet market is very good, and the female bag market is also very good. However, the female pet carrier market is risky;

2. If netizens want to invest in this industry, they must be cautious and be cautious;

3. Individuals do not agree to the use of pet fur;

4. Even if you don't use the pet's fur, you may be misunderstood and be mentally prepared in advance.

How to treat the market of pet carriers? What is the prospect of investing in pet carriers?

I personally oppose the investment of this pet carrier, which was made by a Japanese housewife named Pico.

She likes cats very much, and then carefully crafted some "cat" bags, which began to be sold online, about 4,000 yuan. May like bags, is a common problem for women around the world. However, this bag still caused a lot of comments from netizens.

Many people left a very angry comment on the Japanese housewife. Pico repeatedly stressed that these are not true, just some plastic products. Some netizens like these cats very much. Some netizens think that even if it is plastic, they will not buy it. Although they like cats, they can't accept it if they buy such a cat. Looking at this bag, there is a feeling of creepy feeling, as if you have done something bad. .

to sum up:

1. PetYoku himself saw a pet travel bag because it is very convenient. With the rise of the domestic market, sales and demand may be more and more, I am more optimistic about this investment.

2, the kind of pet-like package, PetYoku is not very like, nor recommend netizens to invest

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