What if the cat is in hair loss?

- Aug 27, 2018 -

Seasonal hair loss of cat hair loss

The main reason for cat hair loss is generally seasonal hair change. When the spring and summer arrive, the cats should take off the fluff and replace them with fluffy hair to help the cat cool down and block the heat; when the fall and winter come, the cats should be replaced with thick fluff to help them keep warm. When it comes to the season of cat hair change, the host must be diligent in combing the hair of the cat, and how to deal with the cat hair removal season?

For seasonal hair change, I have to say that, in general, underage cats have less hair, and for new cat owners, the first year of raising cats is often less because of cats. Mao’s problems are small and neglected, and when the season changes in the second year, I suddenly find that the cat seems to have lost a lot of hair at once. Parents often think that the cat has got sick, but in fact this is normal. The cat’s metabolism will be more vigorous in adulthood. Therefore, the amount of hair removal will be very large, and as the cat reaches the young and middle-aged, the amount of hair change during the hair-changing season will increase until the cat enters the old age, and the amount of hair change will gradually decrease. Therefore, young and middle-aged cats do not have to worry too much about hair loss during the hair-changing season.


Cat hairy cat

If the cat within one year old and the cat over eight years old suddenly have a lot of hair removal, and the roots have dandruff, the hair is weak and pulls off, and even the phenomenon of bare skin, it is necessary to pay attention, the cat is replaced with a cat. Oh, it needs to be treated in time. In general, cats with poor constitution and cats with lower resistance are more likely to suffer from mongooses, so underage cats and older cats should pay special attention to feline problems. Once found, they should be treated. Young and middle-aged cats are less likely to be replaced by cats because of their strong resistance.

Mongoose is a very stubborn and infectious skin disease, so if you have a sick cat in your home, be sure to isolate the cat, including combs that are used to pet comb the cat, so as not to infect other cats. In addition, parents should also eat some vitamin B tablets to prevent cats from being transmitted to people.

 At last good quality Pet Harness willprotect cat from hair loss.

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