Tips for choosing a dog toy

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Dogs also like a variety of toys, sometimes you need to prepare four or five toys at a time, and rotate different toys every week. This will make your pet full of interest. If your pet likes a toy, it's best not to replace it.

An aggressive bite can bite the toy into pieces, and the pieces can get stuck in the pet's throat and even cause the pet to die. A pet with a strong aggressive bite should give it some hard rubber or nylon products that are more durable and less crunchy. Pets with a semi-aggressive bite will not bite the toy, but it will exacerbate the wear of the toy and give them some canvas or plush toys. These toys are soft and not easily torn. Pets that do not have aggressive biting behavior can give them some soft rubber toys.

When you buy a new toy for your pet, you should look at its reaction to the new toy. If it is desperately biting the toy and the toy is not strong enough to be shredded, then you should take the toy away and buy a more durable toy.

Toys are made from different materials and have different durability. So, before you buy toys for your pet, you need to understand your pet's biting habits and choose the proper durable toys for it.

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