There are many pet toys. Come in and learn how to choose toys for poodles.

- Nov 15, 2018 -

With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, pets are not only used to guard homes, but also to bring us companionship and fun. Nowadays, whether in travel or in family raising, dogs can be seen everywhere near their owners. A warm and harmonious picture, then the most frequent is the poodle, a kind of French ornamental dog, it has extremely high ability, because the poodle is naturally smart, IQ is particularly high, can complete many master's tasks, is a very worthy of domestication of a pet dog.

So in the process of raising pet dogs, we will find that the poodle has a very sticky temperament and a high dependence on the owner. At this time, if we want to ensure the healthy growth of the poodle physically and mentally at the same time, we need to buy some supplementary things. Toys become the poodle to pass the boring time. The best choice, so now there are many toys on the pet market, how should we choose them? Today Xiaobian will give you a detailed answer based on this question.

First of all, we need to choose the right toys according to the different age groups of the poodle. For example, when the puppy poodle is in its molar stage, it is prone to bite. At this time, we can buy some molar toys for it, such as hard rubber or wool ball toys. Toys that are not easily broken are very suitable for grinding their teeth.

Secondly, when the poodle grows up to adult stage, we can buy some training toys, such as ball toys or bone sticks, which can exercise the poodle's hunting ability and increase the poodle's intelligence, and most importantly, can help the poodle spend boring time.

Then, use toys to train the ability of the Teddy Dog to be alone, because the Teddy Dog usually likes sticky owners, so we buy toys for the VIP Dog and then start training the VIP Dog to play with toys independently. Then we can provide half an hour to take out the toys and let them play without playing in the process of playing with the toys. Disturb it, and do not accompany it around it, so that it can adapt to the state of no master. We just need to pay attention to the safety of VIP dogs when playing with toys and the bite tolerance of toys. Don't buy smaller or hollow toys.

Finally, there are many toys on the market. Xiaobian suggests buying these two kinds. The first one is planetary toy. This toy can be used to train Tai Poodles to complete some chase games, and can also exercise their body, and also train their ability to retrieve, because most of the earth planets are bouncing. When playing and training together, you can use the constant bouncing of planetary toys to exercise the poodle's response ability and hunting ability.

The second is a toy with sound. Most of the toys are hollow. Then when the poodle bites it, it will make a squeaky sound. This kind of sound can easily arouse the excitement of the poodle, and will exercise its original survival of wild ability. Although there are many kinds of dog toys on the market, we still have to choose according to the habits and physical conditions of VIP dogs.

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