Teach you how to train pet cats

- Aug 30, 2018 -

First, basic training

The first is basic training, which is to first wear a collar to the cat to control the action of the cat.

During training, one hand holds the collar, the other hand holds the pet toy that gives the cat title, and the password is issued to force the pet toy into the cat's mouth. When the cat holds the pet toy, use it immediately. “Good” passwords and touches are rewarded.

Then send out the "spit" password. When the cat spits out the item, feed the food and stroke the reward. After many trainings, when a person issues a password or spit, the cat will make a corresponding gesture or spit out the pet toy.

Second, the whole set of action training

The second step is the training of the whole set of exercises. The trainer shakes the pet toy that the cat can or can spit out in front of the cat, causing the cat's attention.

Then, throw the item a few meters away, and then use your finger to the pet toy to give the cat a "title" password to let the cat go.

If the cat does not go, the cat should be towed and the password of the "title" repeated, pointing to the pet toy.

When the cat holds the item, it will issue a “come” password. When the cat returns to the trainer, it will issue a “spit” password. When the cat spits out the pet toy, it will immediately give the food reward.

With such repeated training, the cat can return to the pet toy that the owner throws out.

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