Scientific feeding of pets

- Aug 09, 2018 -

1, can you feed pets with leftovers?

Many leftovers may contain too much sugar, salt, and fatn.With long-term feeding,It  leads pets to obesity, which in turn increases the incidence of nutritional metabolism such as heart disease, dystocia, and arthritis, hurting pets' health. Further, leftovers are generally soft and sticky. If pets take these foods for a long time, and it is easy to produce tartar in the mouth, which leads to calculus and periodontitis, which causes bad breath.

2.No need to be soaked in hot water before feeding pets.

Dogs and cat teeth are strong enough to easily smash food particles, and the pet bowl has a certain hardness to ensure that the dog gets clean and rubbing when eating. Further, the biggest disadvantage of soaking cats and dogs'd food with hot water is that a large amount of vitamins is lost, which can lead to insufficient vitamin intake of pets. Therefore, for the sake of pet health, it is not recommended to soak food in hot water when feeding.

3. You need to pay attention when feeding young pets.

Puppies are prone to eat eoo much, causing the stomach to dilate and endanger their health. So don't feed the puppy too much food every day, it is more reasonable to feed 3 to 4 times a day. Further, puppies, little cats at the peak of growth and development, there is very strong demand for nutrition. We need to provide a comprehensive balanced nutrition food, preferably professional formula dog food, cat food to ensure that they achieve the desired physical development.

4. How to adjust the diet of elder pets?

In general, the basic metabolic rate of elder pets is reduced, and the energy density of food should be appropriately reduced, the burden on liver and kidney should be reduced, and obesity should be prevented, and the incidence of pet senile diseases should be reduced. Elder pets have weakened teeth, so they should also reduce the hardness of pet foods. However, it is not recommended for Elder pets to eat too soft foods. Because too soft diet will increase tartar, which is not conducive to the oral and heart health of elder pets.

5. What problems should I pay attention to when feeding pets?

I. Milk is not a substitute for water For dogs and cats, milk is a useful snack, but they cannot bear large amounts of milk.

II. Do not feed pet with eggs.

III. Avoid feeding some raw fish. Some fish can cause pets to be deficient in vitamin B1, causing anorexia, abnormal behavior, convulsions, thinness and even death.

IV. Although dogs and cats like to eat meat, meat is not a balanced diet. Raw meat may contain parasites, high-fat cooked meat, and unbalanced nutrients.

06, which foods will damage the health of pets?

Human food is not suitable for pet feeding. Some human foods seem to be particularly good, but it really hurts the health of pets.

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