Nowadays, it's fashionable to put your pet bag on your body.

- Dec 11, 2018 -

Are you still worrying about taking your pet out for fun, cycling, playing, walking, shopping? This pet bag, which allows cats to breathe easily, won't spoil lovely pets even in summer.

As a responsible pet owner, take dogs, cats and cats out, remember to use this pet to go out, do not cause trouble to others, but also reduce the possibility of pet loss, this fabric is breathable, but also very convenient to carry.

This pet portable bag is designed with simple concept, sky blue color is also well matched with everyday clothes. It is not exaggerated to go out on the street. It has dirty function seconds and can be used as a bag when going out. It is easy to open even the dog's kennel at home, and it has a high cost performance ratio.

Out-of-town portable pet bag straps are easy to carry, three-sided air permeability, cost-effective recommendation of new fashion products

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