Layout of a pet dog house

- Apr 13, 2018 -

There are two kinds of kennels:

1. It is a small kennel with a simple design and open style.

2. It is a large-scale kennel with a well-designed and equipped playground.

No matter what kinds of kennels are required, they are required to be sturdy, light-transmissive, airy, and accessible to dogs.

Small kennels can be placed on the balcony or in the garden. Barriers need to be set around the garden to prevent dogs from escaping. The kennel should be placed on a hard surface that is sheltered from direct sunlight. The kennel must be raised above the ground in order to prevent dampness, and the roof should be slightly inclined to help the rain shed. The roof of the kennel can be extended slightly to prevent the rain from falling into the water.

Around the kennel there must be a place where the sun rises and where there is a shade. If you pick up the dog, the chain that holds the dog must have a certain length, so that the dog can walk freely inside and outside.

For ease of cleaning, a removable roof can be used. Upscale kennels are divided into two separate rooms, one inside for sleeping and one covered with warm bedding; the other is larger, and the dog can freely stand, lie down and turn over inside.

Large kennels are larger than smaller kennels and have matching playgrounds. Food, drinking water and a handful of toys can be placed inside. The stadium needs to be connected to the kennel and has a high fence to prevent the dog from escaping.

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