How to train a cat to use a cat climbing frame

- Aug 16, 2018 -

How to train a cat to use a cat climbing frame

 What is a cat climbing frame?

The cat climbing frame can be said to be a cat toy. Many cat friends will buy a cat climbing frame for their cat owners to grind their claws, but they often encounter the dilemma of cats not using cats. In fact, the cat can also be trained using the cat climbing frame. Petyoku will introduce you how to train the cat to use the cat climbing frame.

Grinding claws are a cat's habit, so it is impossible to stop it from clawing. For kittens, the claw is its most powerful weapon, so the aging horny must be worn away from time to time to make it sharp. In addition, the claws are also used to show their power and increase the smell. There is a smelly gland inside the cat's forefoot, so it is also used to leave its own smell. In the training of cats, clawing is the hardest thing. Therefore, it should be done before the kitten has been caught in the furniture.

How to train cats to use cat climbing frame

The cat has the habit of scratching immediately after waking up, and likes to scratch the objects around the cat litter to move and relax the forelimbs and feet. Therefore, when training its grasping behavior, the wooden board or wooden column should be placed near the cat litter as much as possible. As the cat grows larger, the size of the wooden post or plank should be increased appropriately, and the wooden post or plank can be fixed to the wall near the cat litter.

First, prepare a special claw tool. Although there are many kinds of products sold in the market, they do a good job. First, a thick wooden column about 70 cm long and about 20 cm in diameter or a wooden board about 37 cm long and about 20 cm wide is placed near the cat litter. It can be placed horizontally at the beginning to make it easier for the kitten to climb up and down and let the cat find the part that he is willing to grab.

If the kitten is not scratching, the owner can gently touch the cat's head with his hand and press down on the head to force it to grab the wooden post or the plank, but the action must be light. After the wooden column or the wooden board is scratched by the cat, the glandular secretions on the feet are applied to the wooden column or the wooden board. Under the attraction of its own secretion, it will be scratched on the wooden column or the wooden board.

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