How to buy a toy for your pet dog?

- Aug 08, 2018 -

Last year, I raised a puppy. The puppy is only three months old. It is the time when the teeth are itchy. In order not to damage the things at home, I bought a lot of dog toys for it like Stuffed Toys,Chew Interactive Toys,Pet Rubber Dental Teeth Chew Bone and so on. Basically, toys can be bought in the world, I bought them for puppies. Some puppies like it very much. Some puppies are tired after playing for a while, and some puppies are still playing. I have summarized some experiences and now share them with everyone.

1, choose not easy to wear

Dog teeth are very powerful, as long as they are not metal toys, they will one day be bitten. Then the dog toy is broken and the owner has to spend time. So the first principle of buying a dog toy is to be strong and not easy to be bitten. Of course this will cause the dog to bite it.

2, choose no smell

As we all know, dog toys are very cheap. The cheapest is a few dollars, one ten to twenty dollars. You can buy according to your own economic strength, but no matter what kind of dog toy, don't choose a big smell toy. The smell of the toy may be toxic and will hurt the dog.

3, according to the size of the dog

It is often seen in a forum that someone has just said that he just bought a new toy and was bitten by the dog. It seems that this person is a big dog. Large dogs should choose a bigger, stronger toy and don't buy anything from a puppy. On the contrary, if the puppy is a too big toy, it will start to take a bite, but if the bite does not move, the puppy will lose patience.

4, try to choose a variety of toys

The toys that every dog likes to play are different. Dogs don't speak people, so we don't know what the toys they want are. You can try to buy a variety of toys at the beginning, then observe what their favorite dog is like, and later know what toy dogs you should buy.

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