Don't forget to bring a pet to travel, pet bag and pet carrier to help you go ASAP.

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Now, the more people love, the more people like to keep pets, and more and more people are willing to travel with their pets and go to see the world together. However, the first time you travel, you must be afraid of the excitement in the car, the insecurity of people, the love of pets and so on. In fact, don't worry about these, pets are in hand, you have it in the world.

A semi-open pet bag and pet carrier means that the pet's head or part of the body is outside the bag and has some contact with the external space. Most of these types of appearance and ordinary bags are not much different, but the bottom is wider, some of them will have built-in removable cotton pads to prevent escape from the straps, to prevent pets from being scared to escape.

pet bag and pet carriers are generally divided into two categories: fully enclosed and semi-open. Fully enclosed means that all parts of the pet's body are in the bag and do not touch the outside. The style of the bag can be reduced by the hand, the back, the shoulders, or the wheels, or the combination of the above.

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