Cat, dog backpack, good quality, good temperament, a pet, very happy

- Dec 11, 2018 -

The front and rear rows of pet safety baskets are universal, equipped with high-strength anti-aging ribbons, which are firm and durable, and do not need to worry about the safety of dogs. Increasing height and wide vision of small dogs can also prevent dog carsickness and make the ride more comfortable. It is safe, convenient, detachable and washable, foldable when not in use, especially convenient and practical.

Cats going out? This backpack can help you achieve this skill, but it will not summon Pikachu of shit and shit, but your own cat.

When you take your pet out, you can also protect your pet. If you are afraid of running around or you can't control it, you can put it in this pet bag. It doesn't affect your journey. This pet bag is portable and very convenient.

Since having dogs and cats, as a responsible owner, taking pets out, especially in public places, has been very attentive, and they are usually packed with a good pet bag.

Cat, dog backpack, outgoing portable shoulder bag, good quality, show temperament, a pet, very happy.

Pet backpack, outdoor portable travel bag, breathable mesh, refreshing four seasons, fashionable leisure with pets travel easily.

Teddy dog pet backpack, this kind of backpack Shenzhen dog owner favorite, used to carry, every time the hand is too sour, now it saves a lot of effort. In addition, this pink color matching is very beautiful, to meet your personal girl heart.

Portable pet bag, dog backpack, cat bag, sweet fashion, ventilated, bite-resistant, durable, portable.

Pet chest bag, so that dogs no longer run around, whether cycling, play, shopping, can carry pets on his back, so that he obediently do not disturb.

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