British short-haired cat diet pot and cat toilet purchase

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Feeding cats should pay attention to the choice of toiletries

1, cat bowl

The food bowl and the drinking basin are essential tools for raising cats. Usually cats are very sensitive to their own cutlery, and cat cutlery should not be replaced during its lifetime. Some cats will refuse to eat or indigestion when they change the food bowl, especially for old cats. Sudden replacement of tableware will make it very nervous and affect its health. So choose a tableware that is sturdy and has enough capacity at the beginning.

The English short nose is short, the face is round and flat. It is best to use the plate when choosing the tableware. Because its large and flat face can't eat the food in the small bowl, it will make it feel comfortable and prevent swallowing. Excessive air causes the stomach to rise and affects health. Large bowls of water will wet the hair of the British short chin and cheeks. Material selection should pay attention to the firm texture, the thick bottom of the plate, and the edge of the plate should be blunt. Some English shorts are very naughty when they are small. It is easy to get food out of the plate when eating, so you can put an old newspaper under the plate to clean it and keep the floor clean.

2. Cat toilet

The cat toilet is also called the litter box, which is where the cat urinates. The owner who likes to train the cat can use the toilet or the toilet as a place for the British short baby to urinate. If you don't have this plan, it's convenient to go to the pet store to buy a dedicated toilet. The current cat toilet texture is made of thick hard plastic, and the cleaning work is very convenient. There are two types of cat toilets, which are also house-shaped and basin-shaped.

It is more common to use pot-shaped sand pots because they are cheaper. At the edge of the cat litter bowl that is exclusively sold by the pet shop, there is a circle of inward buckles, which prevents the cat from bringing out the sand in the pot when entering and leaving, with an effect rate of 70%. The house-shaped cat toilet is fully enclosed, with activated carbon filter on the top, and a translucent two-way movable door. There is almost no sand coming out when the cat enters and exits. The effect rate is 98%, and the appearance is beautiful. Smell any smell, but the price is higher, usually more than two hundred. In the summer, this house-shaped cat toilet is closed because it has a large internal taste. The clean English short will be disgusted, so the feces are discharged to other places. At this time, you can remove the movable door of the cat toilet or increase the frequency of cleaning the stool.

Don't forget to buy cat litter when buying sand pots, because short short noses are easy to be allergic to dust, so be sure to pay attention to the purchase of cat litter with less dust and good quality cat litter. There are many varieties of cat litter. You can ask experienced friends about the quality of various cat litters. If you don't care about the price, crystal cat litter or paper cat litter is a good choice.

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