A small tip to reduce the smell of cat toilets

- Aug 29, 2018 -

A small tip to reduce the smell of cat toilets

Cat friends often encounter the problem of smelling in the cat toilet. Because the cat is defecation at home, many owners will have a headache for the cat toilet. How can we reduce the smell of the cat toilet? Petyoku will introduce you to a few small tips.

First, reduce the smell of cat toilet

1, choose a good cat litter

Some good cat litter, especially the mineral cat litter that absorbs the odor particles, can absorb the odor of excrement more than ordinary cat litter.

2, put more cat litter

Do not hesitate to use the litter. The cat litter of the litter box should be placed at least 5 to 10 cm so that the cat can effectively cover the cat's stool with cat litter.

3, deodorant spray

Some special sprays for cat litter bowls containing deodorant ingredients on the market can also reduce the odor around the cat toilet.

4, cat litter deodorant powder

Compared with the deodorant spray, everyone is more familiar with the cat litter deodorant powder, as long as it is sprinkled on the cat litter.

Second, small objects help reduce the smell of cat toilets

1, activated carbon

Activated carbon has an adsorption function for odors, and it can put more activated carbon bags around the cat toilet cat toilet.

2, tea leaves

Directly sprinkled in the cat litter can also effectively remove the odor inside the cat toilet. The most important thing is that the cheap tea leaves are only a dozen yuan a kilogram.

3, lavender flowers

It has been found through experiments that the dry scent of the scent can also remove the odor of the cat toilet, but it should be noted that only the cats can be selected and the plants that are not toxic to them can be used.

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